Wholesale Assorted Bali Necklaces from wholesalesarong.com

Bali necklaces are among the most popular type of necklace worn by lots of people especially during summer time since more and more people are into the beach. Well if you’re looking for these cool bali necklaces, then you’re in the right place as wholesalesarong.com offers the most affordable and the coolest wholesale bali necklaces in the market today. Continue reading below to learn more about this exciting offer.

Bali Necklaces


Mosaic and spiral fashion necklace


Bali stone and wooden mix necklace


Bali stone and wooden mix necklace


Tile seashell and seed seashell necklace

Mosaic and spiral fashion necklace,

Tile seashell and seed seashell necklace

Our bali necklaces are 100% made in Bali, Indonesia, thus ensuring high quality and long lasting use. In addition, these necklaces are made from organic materials, which include wood, seashells, coconut, stone and so much more. Lastly, you can have these necklaces for only $6 for 6 pieces ($1 per piece).

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