Stylish Rose Flower Corsage

Fix your hair stylishly with our stylish rose flower corsage  with glitter edging and elastic and brooch pin at the back. Its beautiful assortment of colors makes you blooming. It can be worn around wrist as corsage, pinned to a suit, dress or hat., or tied on hair as hair fascinator / ponytail hair holder / bridal wedding headpiece / party hair accessory / prom party hairpin / belly dancing hair flowers. Dress according to your mood. So, continue reading below to know the details and more of our exciting offers.

Stylish Rose Flower Corsage

Glitter-rose-corsage-brooch-pin-ponytail-holder-01f Glitter-rose-corsage-brooch-pin-ponytail-holder-02a Glitter-rose-corsage-brooch-pin-ponytail-holder-02d Glitter-rose-corsage-brooch-pin-ponytail-holder-03a Glitter-rose-corsage-brooch-pin-ponytail-holder-04aThe pictures shown above are just a few of our beautiful colors. It has diameter of 4 inches approximately. Avail now for as low as $7.50 for 3 pieces ($2.50 per piece), $12.90 for 6 pieces ($2.15 per piece) and $23.40 for 12 pieces ($1.95 per piece).

For your orders and more of our exquisite products, please visit


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