Belly Dance Costume Set

Belly dancing is fun. Its not just about wiggling and jiggling your hips but has a several health benefits that you could possibly enjoy. So, with this easy form of exercise, provides all what you need. Our belly dance costume top and pant set with decorative coins (some silver coin, some golden coin) is your perfect attire in firming and toning your body in all the right places. Look at your sexiest with our belly dance costume set for a very affordable wholesale price. So, continue reading below to know the details and more of our exciting offers.

Belly Dance Costume Set

belly-dance-costume-top-pant-set-1a belly-dance-costume-top-pant-set-1d belly-dance-costume-top-pant-set-1h belly-dance-costume-top-pant-set-1l belly-dance-costume-top-pant-set-1o belly-dance-costume-top-pant-set-1q belly-dance-costume-top-pant-set-1tOne size fits all. ( only fits small to medium size women). Made of 100% polyester.
Pants is 34 inches long and the waist of pants is 24 inches, can be stretched up to 36 inches. Avail now for as low as $60 for 6 sets ($10 per set), $108 for 12 sets ($9 per set)  and $192 for 24 sets ($8 per set).

For your orders and more of our exquisite designs, please visit


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