Wholesale Fashion Watches

Fashion watches with elegant designs that you would certainly love. Find various of its exquisite designs from wholesalesarong.com for a very affordable wholesale price. Silver and black tone fashion watches is best partner to complement your outfit.  Most of them are decorated with rhinestone crystal that make it looks fashionable and stylish. Remember, fashion accessories can define your style. So, continue reading below to know the details and more of our exciting offers.

Silver and Black Tone Fashion Watches

watch-93a watch-93d watch-93f watch-93h watch-93iSilver and black tone fashion watches, most of them are decorated with rhinestone crystal. The pictures shown above are just a few of our fashionable designs.  We have various of exquisite watches that match of any of your dress code. So what are you waiting for? Order now for as low as $25.50 for 6 pieces ($4.25 each), $47.40 for 12 pieces ($3.95 each) and $90 for 24 pieces ($3.75 each). Enjoy online shopping!

For your orders and more of our exquisite designs, please visit http://www.wholesalesarong.com/wholesale-watch.htm


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