Stylish and Gorgeous Porcelain Ceramic Beads

Discover fashionable and large collections of  beads and jewelries offered by! Be creative and artistic of your beading style with our hand-painted mixed design porcelain ceramic beads. Incorporate beads to your outfit for a glamorous look while enjoying its gorgeous details. Its artistic design  also shows off your unique taste. So, continue reading below to know the details and more of our exciting offers.

Porcelain Ceramic Beads


porcelain-ceramic-bead-on-strand-22c porcelain-ceramic-bead-on-strand-23a porcelain-ceramic-bead-on-strand-23c

porcelain-ceramic-bead-on-strand-24a porcelain-ceramic-bead-on-strand-24cHand-painted mixed design porcelain ceramic beads. Fired at high temperature. Large hole, fits European charm bracelet or pandora style bracelet. Each strand measures 14 inches long, contains 39 beads approximately. In detail with; bead diameter: 13 mm, thickness: 8 mm and hole diameter: 6 mm. All sizes are approximate. Only 2 strands available as shown on the picture. Shop now for as low as $27.30 for 2 strands ($0.35 per bead).

For your orders and more of our exquisite designs, please visit


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