Mini Skirt Outfit!

Mini skirt boost woman’s sex appeal and womanliness. More so, the hottest trend for this hottest season. Discover variety of designs of adorable Mini Skirt from! Shop for the styles, colors and prints. We offer wholesale of rayon wrap around teen and adult mini skirt from Bali Indonesia. So, continue reading below to know the details and more of our exciting offers.

Adorable Mini Skirt

DSCN4334 DSCN4336 DSCN6765 mini-skirt-10a mini-skirt-10bAdult Mini Skirt with assorted designs to choose from. Approximately: size: 45 x 16 inches-115 x 40 cm. Hurry up! Shop now for a very affordable wholesale price of $30 for 6 pieces ($5 per piece), $54 for 12 pieces ($4.50 per piece) and $144 for 36 pieces ($4 per piece).

For your orders and more of our exquisite designs, please visit


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