Crack Tile Design Dress for Ladies!

Every girl has its own style and taste for fashion. Along this line, offers a variety of designs and styles for dresses to meet their fashion sense and taste. So, take a glance at our Crack Tile Design Women’s Dress! You’ll surely love it for it can be your perfect partner as your beach dress / vintage sundress / vacation dress. So, continue reading below to know about the details and more of our exciting offers.

Crack Tile Design Women’s Dressdress61-un2g dress61-un2l dress61-un2t dress61-un2vMade of comfortable fabric 95% polyester, 5% spandex. High quality, trendy design, made in China. Bust / chest approximately: 38 inches (armpit to armpit 19 inches laid flat across); waist approximately: 29 inches (14.5 inches laid flat across) and; Length approximately: 38.50 inches. One size fits most (fits US Size 6, 8, 10, 12) Each dozen only have 2 floral designs, other 10 are the crack tile designs( in 3 colors) . So, avail now for a very affordable wholesale price of $45 for 6 pieces ($7.50 per piece), $84 for 12 pieces ($7 per piece) and $156 for 24 pieces ($6.50 per piece)

For your orders and more of our exquisite designs, please visit


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