Style your Kids with these Cutesy Aloha Kids Dress!

Introducing our cutesy aloha kids dress from! Dress your kids with these assorted colors and design that will surely make them iressistably charming and adorable. This is comfortable to wear and perfect for summer outing and picture takings. Your kids would surely love its floral designs as it is easy to wear.

Cutesy Aloha Kids Dress

kd3n kd3v kd3yo

Get your kids prettify with these aloha kids dress in assorted color and design. Made of 100% rayon and handmade in Bali Indonesia. In detail with 27 to 29 inches in length and fits to ages, 3 – 4 years old. Avail now for a very affordable wholesale price of $36 for 6 pieces ($6 per piece), $69 for 12 pieces ($5.75 per piece)  and $132 for 24 pieces ($5.50 per piece).

For your orders and more information, please visit


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