Show Off your Shoulders with Animal Print One Shoulder Romper

Feel good and boost your confidence with the way you dress! Come out of your shell and show off your strong and sexy shoulders that can be perfectly paired up with our animal print one shoulder romper with side pocket. Stand out from the crowd! For details, continue reading below to know more about this exciting offer from

Animal Print One Shoulder Romper

top42u2h top42u2na top42u2nd top42u2ngAssorted designs made of comfortable fabric 95% polyester, 5% spandex , made in China. Adjustable elecstic waist allowing stretch to fit in most size ranges. As to waist approximately: 20 inches without stretching (10 inches laid flat across), can be stretched up to 40 inches (20 inches laid flat across). More so, as to length approximately: 34 inches. In detail with US Size 6, 8, 10.

Get yours now for a very affordable wholesale price of $45 for 6 pieces ($7.50 per piece), $84 for 12 pieces ($7 per piece) and $156 for 24 pieces ($6.50 per piece).

For your orders and information, please visit


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