Hematite Necklace Lariat Bracelet Wraps

Looking for cool and stylish hematite fashion jewelries such as bracelets and necklaces? Then you’re in the right place online as wholesalesarong.com offers lots of cool hematite jewelries for a very affordable price. Continue reading on the post below to learn more about this exciting offer.

Hematite Necklace Lariat Bracelet Wraps

hematite-lariat-62a hematite-lariat-62b hematite-lariat-62c hematite-lariat-62f hematite-lariat-62g hematite-lariat-62h


The above pictures are our hematite lariat bracelets and necklaces, with magnetic wrap and hematite beads and faux pearl beads as well as acrylic beads. This cool jewelry is about 35 to 36 inches long, which makes it fit all sizes. Lastly, you can have these beautiful fashion jewelries for only $13.50 for 6 pieces ($2.25 each), also available $24 for 12 pieces ($2 each) and $44.40 for 24 pieces ($1.85 each).

So what are you waiting for? Visit the Fashion Jewelry section of our site for more information about our products and on how to order.


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