Cotton Fabric Passport Bags from

At some point in time, you’ll need passport bags or purse that will server as organizer for your important identification cards such as your passports. And as much as possible, you would want passport bag that is beautiful and stylish. Well, if you’ll looking for that stylish and trendy passport bags, then is the right place for you as we offer cotton fabric passport bags with cool designs. Continue reading on the post below to learn more about this exciting offer.

Cotton Fabric Passport Bags

cotton-passport-bag-2a cotton-passport-bag-2b cotton-passport-bag-2d cotton-passport-bag-2e cotton-passport-bag-2f


The pictures above are our Cotton fabric passport bag, crossbody bag, messenger bag. This is handmade in Bali, Indonesia with lots of colors and design patterns to choose from. Size is approximately 6.5 inches x 7 inches, with  shoulder string around 25 inches long. Buy now for only $16.50 for 6 pieces ($2.75 per piece).

So what are you waiting for? Visit for your orders.


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