Bat Wing Fashion Kaftan in Assorted Designs

If you’re looking for beautiful and fashion dress that will make you look fabulous and glamorous this summer, then you’re basically in the right page as offers the most glamorous dresses with really awesome designs. In this blog post, we’ll feature one of our best selling dresses today – presenting our bat wing fashion kaftan dress. Continue reading on the post below to learn more about this exciting offer.

Bat Wing Fashion Kaftan

kaftan11d kaftan11f kaftan11h kaftan11l kaftan11n kaftan11o kaftan11xd kaftan11xg kaftan11xi


The above pictures show how beautiful and fabulous these dresses are. They are available in rose and paisley design patterns. In addition, these dresses can also be worn as beach kaftan, swimming pool poncho, bathing suit cover, bikin swimwear and so much more. What make these dresses even more amazing is that they are soft, silky and are very comfortable to wear since they are made from high quality polyester.

So what are you waiting for? Buy now for only $42 for 6 pieces ($7 per piece), $78 for 12 pieces ($6.5 per piece), $144 for 24 pieces ($6 per piece). Visit for your orders.


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