Wholesale Scarf Necklace Pendants

Pendants, whether they are from  add more beauty to whatever piece of clothing you are wearing. But, little do we know that apart from bracelets and necklaces, you can also put beautiful pendants on your beautiful shawls and scarves. Want to learn more about this exciting offer? Then continue reading on the post below, brought to you by wholesalesarong.com

Scarf Necklace Pendants

pendantslide1b pendantslide1c pendantslide2a pendantslide3a pendantslide3bThe above pictures are our best-selling scarf necklace pendants. They come in assortment of designs such as elephant, turtle, bug and many more. Each set of these cute pendant include one pendant and one slide tube bail (connected together by a jump ring). Also, these pendants are made from copper coated plastic and CCB (Copper Costing Beads) imitation silver metal. These pendants are also lead and nickel free. Slide tube bail hole size: some are 17X14mm(0.67″X0.55″), some are 0.94″X0.49″(24X12.5mm). You can get these cool pendants for as low as $15 for 5 sets, that’s only $3 each set.

So what are you waiting for? Visit http://www.wholesalesarong.com/wholesale-scarfjewelry.htm for order information and for more of our pendant designs.




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