Wholesale Premier Copper Colored Watches from Wholesalesarong.com

Trendy, colorful and fashionable watches has become very popular especially among women. This is because these watches add up to their overall looks, at the same time act as cool fashion accessories. Apart from these trendy watches, those antique and vintage  designed watches are also gaining popularity for they come in classic designs everyone loves. Well, if you’re looking for these cool antique design copper colored watches in bulk, then you’re in the right place as wholesalesarong.com offers the most affordable wholesale copper colored watches in the market today. Continue reading on this post to learn more about this exciting offer.

Wholesale Premier Copper Colored Watches


watcb-200q watcb-200b watcb-200d watcb-200f watcb-200h watcb-200i


As seen in the above pictures, our vintage copper colored premier watches come in assortment of designs and styles women will surely adore and love. All of them are premier copper colored watches with antique inspired bangle bracelet and gemstone inlaid. There are over 50 trendy designs to choose from. What are you waiting for, visit http://www.wholesalesarong.com/wholesale-watch.htm for more of our designs and for your order.


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