Wholesale Crystal Rhinestone Disco Balls Bracelet

Fashion accessories as well as jewelries have become very popular among women these days mainly because they are colorful, fashionable, stylish and very affordable (especially if you buy them in bulk). Jewelries such as necklaces and bracelets are among the favorites and they come in different designs to choose from. These colorful bracelets come in assortment of styles and types, depending on the material used in making them. Among the most popular types of fashion bracelet is the crystal rhinestone bracelets with disco balls. If you’re looking for these beautiful bracelets for a cheap wholesale price, then wholesalesarong.com is the right place for you as they have wholesale crystal rhinestone disco balls bracelets for a very low price of only $34.20 for 1 dozen. Continue reading below to know more about this fashionable bracelet.

Crystal Rhinestone Disco Balls Bracelets









As mentioned above, these crystal rhinestone come in assortment of colors and design women will surely love. In addition, they also contain cute crystal rhinestone disco balls, with a diameter of about 9 to 10 mm. They are also adjustable, making them easy to wear. What are you waiting for? Visit http://www.wholesalesarong.com/wholesale-fashionjewelry.htm for more information about our crystal rhinestone bracelets and on how to order.


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